How To Create The Perfect CV

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How To Create The Perfect CV

In the current employment market, the need to stand out immediately has become a necessity. No longer is the concept of a first impression based solely on a face to face encounter. On the contrary, your chances of an interview now heavily rely on the small details of your CV.


Here are some tips and things to consider when putting together your new PERFECT CV:


Professional photo:

With the current digital pacing of the business world, potential employers and recruiters are immediately drawn to a candidate’s profile if it contains a clear and professional photo. This important detail immediately shows that you take pride in how you choose to represent yourself.

Keep it simple. Dress sharp, have a nice clean background (a white wall should be easily accessible) and most importantly have someone else take a nice clear mid-body picture. A selfie will not suffice.



As a recruiter, we sometimes work through hundreds of CVs a day. By having simple details like your availability on your profile, you improve your chances for consideration just purely by letting the person know if your current employment situation and timeline align with the position you are applying for.


Education and Skills:

One of the simplest ways of avoiding disappointment while applying for a new position is by taking the time to read through the position’s requirements. Make sure that your experience and more importantly your education and skills match the job description.

Spending more time matching potential jobs to your education, skills and experience will ultimately prove far more fruitful and rewarding than applying for every open position relevant to your field.


CV Layout:

The format of your CV is one of the best ways to gain attention. It’s always a great idea to research your industry’s preferred layout. The ideal layout for a JavaScript Developer will look a little different from that of a Brand Manager in the Retail Industry.

The overall rule of thumb for any well-composed CV is making sure that you are thorough with your relevant information. Consider your CV as a biography of sorts. The reader needs to understand who you are and what you can do before they look at what you’ve done.

Section your information accordingly. Your current location should not be in the same section as your education. Separating important information makes your CV not only more legible but also easier to navigate.


Reasons for leaving & Dates of employment:

Now that you’ve got all of the most important details, a professional picture and the format of your CV looking good, another element to keep in mind is to be clear about each job you’ve held’s timeline and reason for leaving. This detail will show the recruiter or employer that you have an eye for detail and also give an exact oversight of your professional life. It’s also very important to keep this is detailed as possible, gaps in your timeline might raise questions and should be explained.


Now that you have a better understanding of what recruiter and potential employers are looking for, do a little homework relevant to your industry and compile a CV that will be an immediate eye-catcher.

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