How to Maximize External Recruitment

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How to Maximize External Recruitment

Partnering with a Recruitment Agency to simplify the hiring process gives you as a client a competitive edge to attract the best possible talent. Knowing what to expect and what is expected to fully take advantage of this service, we have listed the top 5 elements for a successful partnership.


Urgency and Timeline:

It’s important to communicate the project start date for the candidate. This will help to determine timelines for the interview and screening process, as most candidates will have one calendar month notice period.


Things to consider in the process are:

The number of interviews.
Screening process ie: Psychometric testing, integrity and reference checking.


Reason for vacancy:

Is this a new position (shows growth in the business), was it a promotion (career path opportunity for candidates) or is the position open due to a resignation?
This information helps your Recruitment Specialist market and entice prospective candidates. Remember that Recruitment Agencies are ambassadors for your brand and business.


Full and detailed job spec:

A comprehensive job description with full KPIs and requirements again will save time and ensure the right fit candidates are sourced and presented.
The full job description will also allow the candidate to prepare for the interview.


Budget for the position and benefits:

Understanding the cost to company structure offered will determine the level and affordability of presented candidates. Often benefits are underplayed and not communicated, which could be a great selling point to the candidate.

Examples of benefits: Medical aid, Provident/Pension Fund, Bonus (Guaranteed or performance-driven), car allowance, cell phone allowance (or cellphone), off-site internet access or laptop.
In the new world of work, where often position would now be home-based, candidates would want to know what tools and infrastructure will be provided for working remotely.


Culture fit:

This is often an underestimated element in the recruitment process. Every company has a unique culture and within that culture every department has it’s own sub-culture. By having your recruitment partner understand this, it will guarantee a closer match for the position.


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