Top 5 Interview Etiquette Techniques

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Top 5 Interview Etiquette Techniques

Congratulations, on your interview! You’ve been shortlisted for a position you’ve applied for. Your potential new employer has a basic overview of your experience and skills, but that, unfortunately, isn’t always enough to ensure you land your dream job.

We’ve compiled the Top 5 Interview Etiquette Techniques to make sure you make and leave a lasting impression long after your interview is over.


1. Dress the part:

Consider this the first step in making a great first impression. Dress for the job and position you want. Consider the position, consider the company. Would you wear a tuxedo for a Branch Manager position? Probably not. Dressing in a manner that’s both professional and makes you feel comfortable and confident is the key to making sure you’re ready for the beginning phase of your interview.


2. Research, research, research:

Knowledge is power. When going into an interview, it’s always important to remember that your skills and experience will get you in the door, but insight on the company you’re applying for, their business practices, clients and competitors will help you stand out and create an immediate impression of a person who goes the extra mile.


3. Ask questions:

Interviews can sometimes become a stuffy and stale one-sided affair. When being interviewed a great technique to use is to listen, process and retort with relevant questions. For example, if you’re applying for a position as a Credit Controller, a great question to ask would be: “What is the book value for the position?”


4. Be clear on your expectations:

Remember as much as you are being interviewed to establish if you would be a suitable candidate, you interview the company to establish if they will be your employer of choice.


5. Punctuality:

An old interview proverb reads: “If you are on time, you’re late. If you’re early, you’re on time.” Make sure you know exactly where you’re going. Do not just put the address in Google Maps on the day of your interview and hope for the best. Use an app like Waze to your advantage to see exactly what the average and current traffic congestion is like.


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